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Born and raised in the “cheesiest” state of them all, I am a Wisconsin native, living in the Madison area.  I’m currently working with the folks at i3 Product Development, where I consult with clients to create user interfaces that are accessible, meaningful, and pleasurable for IoT solutions and connected product development.

While I typically spend my days designing and prototyping mobile apps or web platforms, I often take part in cross-disciplinary activities such as project management, usability research, information architecture, and visual design.

In my career, I am most successful when I work in a culture that values communication and attention to detail.  I enjoy working alongside managers and developers where ideas can be shared collaboratively throughout the product development process. (A good-natured sense of humor helps too.) I’m always looking to broaden my skill set and continually seek to provide value to my team.

During my personal time, you’ll find me running, gardening, and playing chef. I strive to treat every experience as a chance to learn something new and look to surround myself with people who inspire me.

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– Melissa

Responsive Web & Native Mobile App Design

Competitive Research & Usability Testing

Visual Design & Marketing Strategy

Front-End Development & Content Management


  • 5+ years creating digital experieces from concept through development
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience working within and supporting agile development teams
  • Self-motivated learner with a passion for continuous workplace improvement


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60% Strong
Adobe Creative Suite
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