Creating a More Beautiful Web with Type

Kernest Konstellations is a typographical project of more than 120 fonts combined in a beautiful way to make the world of writing online more engaging.  A “Konstellation” consists of several well-paired fonts with CSS styling applied to a piece of writing. Each combination also includes a write-up describing why the fonts go together, and HTML style-guide so designers can see and utilize the pairings in their own projects.


“Konstellations are a great way of seeing exactly how powerful well-paired fonts can be.”

-Garrick Van Buren


Individual with Employer Support

My Role

Designer, Front-End Developer


Over the course of this project, I created more than a dozen of the font-pairings and style-guides. It helped me learn a lot about typography for the web, open-source development, and HTML/CSS.

Preview of Marley Konstellation

#14 “Marley”


Preview of "Enough" Konstellation

#13 “Enough”


#12 Audacity Konstellation Preview

#12 Audacity: Chapter 2


#20: The Prince


#11 Looking Glass