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Population Health Management


2 MCIS Team Members, Creative Services department


3 Months. (Icons and additional design consultation fall of 2013)

My Role

Visual Designer


Population Health Management (PHM) is a program utilized by physicians and researchers to compare conditions and behaviors of the Marshfield Clinic patient base to the overall health of the larger population. The program also serves to measure the quality of care within the health system. This project was a conceptual UI redesign which served as an idea springboard for Marshfield Clinic Information Systems (MCIS) as well as marketing material.



Create a user interface to communicate data efficiently to people with different departmental needs within a healthcare organization.

“I should WANT to use this tool for my job, not HAVE to.”


dashboard displayed on ipad

Note: All data shown is fictional. The designs in this case study are a reinterpretation of the original.


Getting Started

To kick things off, I began by researching the current product and popular interface design trends for data visualizations. Key insights from this process led me to pursue incorporating more gestural interactions, larger font sizes, and icons for navigation elements.


sketches from ideation session


Setting the Mood

I pitched a series of moodboards for the updated interface to the client. With their feedback and internal team suggestions, I modified the layout and create concepts of the screen interface.


Wrapping It Up

Final deliverables included concepts for high-level screens of the program and two alternate options + style guide. Design consultations and icon development were requested at a later date.


Dashboard showing an item in focus


hover state showing detail of radar chart

Chart detail. On a tablet, the user could swipe with their fingers or tap the left/right arrows to look through other points at full size.

icons animated