Hi, I'm Melissa Easker.

A Senior UX Designer based in Madison, Wisconsin. I create beautiful experiences for the web, mobile apps, and other neat stuff.

Scale-Tec REAP

iOS app redesign of REAP Harvest Inventory, a multi-faceted IoT platform for farming that automates weight record collection and aids in field operation management during harvest.

Watchdog EX

Discovery through solution design, Watchdog EX is a cloud-based vivarium management system dedicated to protecting animal health, improving productivity, and assisting with regulatory compliance in research applications.

Phoenix DryLINK

Designing the world’s first restoration app with Bluetooth connectivity to smart dehumidifiers.

Marshfield Clinic

Prioritizing provider search and enhancing patient satisfaction with online clinical quality ratings on marshfieldclinic.org.

Kernest Konstellations

Contributions to a typographical project of more than 120 font pairings to make web reading more delightful.